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Onda Water Flow Meters are required to control the flow and temperature of water through your die and/or processing machine. This gives you the ultimate in die temperature control for the most accurate and fastest moulding conditions your processing machine is capable of.

They are available for all size processing machines and dies and have models from .2L/min to 30L/min and in combinations up to 12 zones per unit. Zones can be baffled and can handle both hot and cold water zones in the one water flow meter.

Construction is of glass filled nylon and the viewing tubes are unbreakable and made of clear nylon.  MADE IN TAIWAN

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Model Maximum L/min per zone Number of zones available
FSM400 8L/min 1-12
FSML400 20L/min 1-12
FSML400-300 30L/min 1-12


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