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  • Hopper Magnets

    These are essential to have installed to every plastics processing machine feed hopper to remove any ferrous metal contamination that can damage screws, barrels and dies.

    They come in different sizes from 5″ to 11″ to suit all types and sizes of hoppers.

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    Model L (mm) W (mm) H (mm) Type
    5″ Round 120 112 90 Round type – 5 bars
    5″ Square 120 112 90 Square type – 5 bars
    7″ Round 180 175 75 Round type – 7 bars
    7″ Square 180 175 75 Square type – 7 bars
    8″ Round 185 163 32 Round type – 4 bars
    9″ Round 230 218 75 Round type – 9 bars
    9″ Square 230 218 75 Square type – 9 bars
    11″ Round 265 265 75 Round type – 11 bars
  • Accessories

    Die Clamps

    Die Clamps are used for holding dies in processing machine platens and are available in two different types with the following sizes in our range.

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    Clamp Type Bolt Size Length
    Boat 12mm 100mm
    16mm 125mm
    20mm 160mm
    25mm 200mm
    Slotted 12mm 100mm
    16mm 150mm
    20mm 200mm
    25mm 250mm
    Toggle 16mm 120mm
    20mm 150mm
  • Water Flow Meters

    Onda Water Flow Meters are required to control the flow and temperature of water through your die and/or processing machine. This gives you the ultimate in die temperature control for the most accurate and fastest moulding conditions your processing machine is capable of.

    They are available for all size processing machines and dies and have models from .2L/min to 30L/min and in combinations up to 12 zones per unit. Zones can be baffled and can handle both hot and cold water zones in the one water flow meter.

    Construction is of glass filled nylon and the viewing tubes are unbreakable and made of clear nylon.  MADE IN TAIWAN

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    Model Maximum L/min per zone Number of zones available
    FSM400 8L/min 1-12
    FSML400 20L/min 1-12
    FSML400-300 30L/min 1-12
  • Visionflow Water Meters

    ONDA Visionflow Water Meters are compact (108mm long) Water Regulators that can be installed on important water lines to show the exact flow rate. They can incorporate Temperature and Pressure gauges also if required. Their advantage is their Compact Size and ease of installation on any water pipe application.

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  • Level Pads

    Our machine level pads are designed to remove machine vibration during running and to level the machine to the horizontal. This creates an environment that gives your machine accuracy, long life, reduction of operator fatigue and reduction of noise.

    They are made of powder coated steel with neoprene feet which are resistant to factory processing oils and heat.

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    Model Load Capacity Pad Diameter Bolt Diameter
    LP1 0-400kg 104mm 12mm
    LP2 400-1000kg 145mm 18mm
    LP3 1000-2000kg 195mm 18mm
    LP4 2000-3000kg 228mm 24mm
    LP5 3000-5000kg 250mm 30mm
  • Heat Sealers

    Our Heat Sealers are used to seal plastic bags and film. They come in both hand operated and foot operated (to allow the operators hands to be free). They are all 240V and portable in their construction.

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    Model Sealing Width
    Hand Operated TISH200 200mm
    TISH300 300mm
    Foot Operated TISF450 450mm
    TISF600 600mm