Low Noise Granulators

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Castle Low Noise Granulators come in a range from 2HP to 75HP. They are quiet due to their soundproof hopper and are very efficient due to their blade design which can be supplied in a segmented type or open rotor. They are mounted on wheels for ease of movement and can be fed manually or by conveyor from the rear.

CAS20V 20cm x 18cm 2HP
CAS20 20cm x 18cm 5HP
CAS28 28cm x 25cm 7.5HP
CAS36 36cm x 25cm 10HP
CAS42V 42cm x 25cm 15HP
CAS49 49cm x 35cm 20HP
CAS61 61cm x 38cm 50HP
CAS72 72cm x 50cm 75HP


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