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  • Low Noise Granulators

    Castle Low Noise Granulators come in a range from 2HP to 75HP. They are quiet due to their soundproof hopper and are very efficient due to their blade design which can be supplied in a segmented type or open rotor. They are mounted on wheels for ease of movement and can be fed manually or by conveyor from the rear.

    CAS20V 20cm x 18cm 2HP
    CAS20 20cm x 18cm 5HP
    CAS28 28cm x 25cm 7.5HP
    CAS36 36cm x 25cm 10HP
    CAS42V 42cm x 25cm 15HP
    CAS49 49cm x 35cm 20HP
    CAS61 61cm x 38cm 50HP
    CAS72 72cm x 50cm 75HP

  • Granulating

    Low Rev Spruecutters

    Castle Low Rev Spruecutter (30RPM) is a soundproof spruecutter for feeding by hand or robot. It is suitable for beside the press use. It has a feed pipe from the catcher tray for fitting a hopper loader hose for feeding the granulate back into the processing machine hopper.

    Model CS2835 � 3HP with a throat of 28cm x 35cm

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  • Soundproof Granulators

    Castle soundproof granulators come in a range from 5HP to 50HP. They are quiet due to their soundproof enclosures, very efficient from the two fly wheel design, have a range of blade types for different applications. They are mounted on wheels for easy movement in your plant and are easily cleaned in minutes for colour changes. The hopper is stainless steel and is designed for manual, conveyor or robot feeding.

    CAS20PSS 20cm x 18cm 5HP
    CAS28PSS 28cm x 25cm 7.5HP
    CAS36PSS 36cm x 25cm 10HP
    CAS42PSS 42cm x 25cm 15HP
    CAS49PSS 49cm x 35cm 20HP`

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    Power Source 415V50Hz 415V50Hz 415V50Hz 415V50Hz 415V50Hz 415V50Hz
    Motor 5HP 7.5HP 10HP 15HP 20HP 50HP
    Throat Size 20cm x 18cm 28cm x 25cm 36cm x 25cm 42cm x 25cm 49cm x 35cm 61cm x 38cm
    Moving Blades 6 6 6 9 6 9
    Fixed Blades 2 2 2 2 2 2
    Capacity 100-250kg/Hr 150-300kg/Hr 250-400kg/Hr 300-500kg/Hr 400-500kg/Hr 500-1000kg/Hr
    Weight 480Kg 550kg 700kg 800kg 1200kg 1800kg
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 49x70x107cm 52x85x130cm 60x85x130cm 66x94x130cm 110x130x170cm 196x140x170cm