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  • Yann Bang Die Temperature Controllers

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    Yann Bang Die Temperature Controllers are used to keep dies at a constant temperature allowing more accurate mouldings to be made and to mould at a quicker rate. They come in a range of sizes from 6kW to 48kW of heating, and a temperature range of up to 200°C and have either direct or indirect cooling. They come in water and oil models, they are all mounted on wheels and have manifolds with taps for ease of die connection.

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    YB Oil Models YBMI-150-05 YBMI-200-10 YBMI-200-20 YBMI-200-30 YBMI-260-10 YBMI-260-20 YBMI-260-30 YBMI-260-50
    Max Temp (C) 100 200 200 200 260 260 260 260
    Heater (KW) 6×1 10×1 10×2 13×2 7×2 13×2 17×2 24×2
    Flow Rate (L/min) 40 60 80 160 70 120 180 280


    YB Water Models YBMD100-05 YBMD120-10 YBMD120-20 YBMD120-30 YBMD120-50 YBMD150-05 YBMD150-10 YBMD150-20 YBMD180-10
    Max Temp (C) 100 120 120 120 120 150 150 150 180
    Heater (KW) 6×1 8×1 8×2 10×2 16×2 7×1 7×1 8×2 9×1
    Flow Rate (L/min) 40 80 120 160 200 60 60 65 60
  • GWK Die Temperature Controllers

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    German Company GWK are one of the worlds most famous Die temperature Controller manufacturers and are the preferred supplier of many of Europe’s most famous processing machinery manufacturers. They come in sizes from 3kW to 300 kW of heating and a temperature range of up to 350°C.

    GWK models are very sophisticated yet very user friendly, the controllers can be interfaced using any of the current interfaces with the processing machines controller.

    Typical units used in the plastics industry are:
    GWK CS90 9kw heating to 90°C.
    GWK CS140 9kW heating to 140°C.
    All models come with ‘leakstop’

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    Model CS90 CS140
    Medium Water Water
    Temperature max (C) 95 140
    Pump capacity max (l/min/bar) 60/3.8 60/6
    Heating capacity (kw) 9 9
    Cooling Indirect Indirect
    Cooling capacity (kw/kcal/hr) 23/20,000 40/34,400
    Weight (kg) 44 50
    Robust stainless steel housing with painted side panels Yes Yes
    Automatic filling and top up device Yes Yes
    Strainer in cooling water inlet Yes Yes
    Durable rubber coated castors Yes Yes
    All contact parts made of non-corrosive materials Yes Yes
    Continuous heater control Yes Yes
    Acoustic alarm Yes Yes
    Additional manual filling operation for treated water Yes Yes
    Leak stop operation Yes Yes
    Mould draining facility Yes Yes
    Magnetically couples pump
    Integrated to up pump
    Mould circuit supply and return connections G1/2″ G1/2″
    Cooling water supply and return connections G1/4″ G1/4″
    Dimensions of housing (LxWxH) 680x250x595 680x250x595