Laboratory Equipment

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  • Tensile Strength Test

    Tensile Strength Testing Machine is used to check the tensile strength of materials and complies with all international measuring standards.

    Tensile strength Test Machines, Flexural Modulus Test machines etc and all laboratory test equipment is available.

  • Moulding Test Press

    Moulding Test Press comes in many models with heated platens and clamp tonnages of 10, 30 and 50 ton capacities.

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  • Lab Equipment

    Melt Flow Index Tester

    Melt Flow Index Tester measures the melt flow of all plastic resins to the standards of ATSM, ISO, JIS & CNS. They are compact units that fit on a laboratory bench and come complete with all weights and equipment required. The electrics are solid state and the machine can be set to automatic mode for ease of use.

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  • Izod or Charpy Digital Impact Tester

    Izod or Charpy Digital Impact Tester automatically does the Izod or Charpy impact tests and records the results. A manual model is available. ATSM-D256, D6110, ISO180

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  • Drop Dart

    Rotationally Moulded Polyethylene Water Tanks now require to have Drop Dart Impact Test compliance in Australia as per Australian Standard AS4766.
    This standard specifies requirements for the design and manufacture of polyethylene tanks that are rotationally moulded. It ensures the secure storage of water and other liquids. It ensures that the performance and workmanship of the finished tank is adequate for its intended application. The dart impact test at -40°C produces a value that is used as an indication of the quality of the tank that has been manufactured.

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  • Density or SG Test

    Precision Balance Series measure the specific gravity or density of materials

  • Analytic Sieve

    Our Analytical Sieve is simply operated with easy maintenance. It has a Machined Base & Stainless Body. 8 Layers of screens (normally between 150-710 microns). It can be used for any powder, liquid or grain material. It is noiseless and comes with a built in timing device and indicating lamp.

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